Seth Meyers asks if Lindsey Graham is turning into Trump

Seth Meyers Points Out Lindsey Graham Is Creepily Turning Into Donald Trump

On Late Night, Seth Meyers picked out how Lindsey Graham is starting to physically morph into Donald Trump.

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Meyers said after playing Graham’s latest plea for people to send Trump cash on Fox News:

I think Graham might have missed his calling as a televangelist because he’s got the most important part down. God, in this case, Donald Trump, needs more money, but you can send it to me, and I’ll make sure he gets it.

My skin crawls hearing Lindsey Graham ask for five or ten bucks for a self-proclaimed billionaire’s legal fees. For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day you can keep this man where he belongs, in the window seat of his own private plane and knee-deep in adult film stars. What Jesus would have wanted. Also, what in the hell is going on with Graham’s appearance here? Did Fox News just light him weird, or is he starting to turn into Trump’s mini-me? Next time Lindsey sees Trump, he’s going to have circles under his eyes, wearing a baggy suit and an oversized tie.

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Do you know how dogs and their owners sometimes look alike?

Is it possible that Lindsey Graham loves Trump so much that he is beginning to turn into him?

The resemblance to Trump that Graham is developing is really creepy. Although, I can’t imagine what would be going through anyone’s mind to want to look like Donald Trump. Did Graham choose Trump because he forgot about William Howard Taft?

Lindsey Graham could be so brainwashed by the cult that he is actually turning into Trump. If the Senate health insurance plan covers deprogramming services, somebody might want to look into getting Lindsey Graham some help before he relocates to Mar-a-Lago.

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