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Alvin Bragg’s Lawsuit Sends Jim Jordan Reeling

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) claimed that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg sued him to block congressional oversight, which is untrue.

Jordan responded to Bragg’s lawsuit by tweeting:

Jordan’s pretext of Bragg’s office getting federal funding isn’t holding up well. Rep. Jordan isn’t investigating the use of federal funds because he is attempting to call as witnesses people who work or who have worked on prosecutions in the District Attorney’s office.

If the investigation were about budgeting and spending, Jordan would want to speak to the members of the DA’s office who handle budgetary matters, not people with intimate knowledge of the case against Donald Trump.

It seems that Jordan never expected to be sued by Bragg.

The Ohio congressman apparently thought Bragg would sit back and allow him to interfere in his criminal case.

Republicans, including Trump, have been bullying investigators and shutting down investigations.

Alvin Bragg is sending the message that Jim Jordan isn’t going to get away with the same old tactics, and the loyal Trump ally doesn’t know how to handle it.

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