Jim Jordan speaks at his hearing on violent crime that got no media coverage

Jim Jordan’s Alvin Bragg Hearing Bombs As Even Fox News And Newsmax Virtually Ignore It

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) wasted taxpayer money by holding a House Judiciary Committee field hearing in Manhattan to attack DA Alvin Bragg, but even conservative media mostly ignored him.

Newsmax showed the opening statements of Jordan and committee ranking member Jerry Nadler before they cut away.

Here is a clip of their coverage of Nadler’s opening statement:

Ron Filipkowski noted:

Throughout the hours-long hearing, my own checks revealed Newsmax showing the hearing on the screen for a moment or two at the top of each hour while they talked over the audio.

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Fox News also appeared to have very minimal interest in the hearing. There was no live broadcast on CNN and MSNBC. C-SPAN showed the hearing on its app and website only.

Jordan thought that taking his committee to Manhattan would give him a large national platform to use to smear the motives of DA Alvin Bragg for indicting Trump. Instead, House Judiciary Democrats attended the hearing and undercut Jordan’s dreams of defending Trump by questioning the witnesses on violent crime and gun violence. 

It was so bad for the committee Republicans that they were complaining that Democrats were talking too much about gun violence:

Chairman Jordan thought that he was going to use his position to undercut the credibility of Alvin Bragg, but it was House Judiciary Committee Republicans who showed themselves to be lacking any sort of credibility by participating in a hearing that was a dud for Trump.


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