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Sen. Chris Murphy Wipes The Floor With Kevin McCarthy

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 02:04 pm

Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s debt limit bill is not going over well in the Senate as Sen. Chris Murphy unloaded on the Republican House leader.

Murphy tweeted in response to another McCarthy effort to pass the debt limit buck to Biden:

Democrats aren’t going to go for McCarthy’s plan. If Republicans can get his bill out of the House next week, it will immediately die in the Senate.

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Kevin McCarthy keeps trying to rope Biden into negotiating with him when his real hurdle is Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. The President doesn’t have a role in the debt limit process. Whatever McCarthy tries to pass also needs to be able to get through the Senate before it can reach Biden’s desk.

Speaker McCarthy is trying to take the US economy hostage and make President Biden the lead negotiator, but it is Senate Democrats who are going to have a big say on what gets to the President’s desk for his signature.

If McCarthy were serious about governing, which he isn’t, he would end his temper tantrums directed toward the White House and get on the phone with Sen. Schumer.

The Senate Majority Leader has made his position crystal clear. He will not agree to anything other than a clean debt limit increase, and from the looks of Sen. Murphy’s response, Senate Democrats are standing with their leader.

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