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Conservative Supreme Court Justice Corruption Grows As Neil Gorsuch Exposed

The epidemic of apparent corruption in the conservative Supreme Court majority has spread to include Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Politico reported:

For nearly two years beginning in 2015, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch sought a buyer for a 40-acre tract of property he co-owned in rural Granby, Colo.

Nine days after he was confirmed by the Senate for a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court, the then-circuit court judge got one: The chief executive of Greenberg Traurig, one of the nation’s biggest law firms with a robust practice before the high court. Gorsuch owned the property with two other individuals.


Gorsuch did not disclose the identity of the purchaser. That box was left blank.

The firm has had 22 cases before the Supreme Court since Gorsuch was confirmed.

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Gorsuch joins his fellow justices Alito and Thomas as reportedly involved in unethical behavior. Half of the Supreme Court’s conservative majority has engaged in conduct that calls into question the whether or not the Supreme Court has been corrupted.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will be holding a hearing on Supreme Court ethics, which is the first step in potential Senate action to potentially address the crisis.

The Supreme Court has a major ethics problem. Since Chief Justice John Roberts apparently refuses to act, it is going to be up to the Senate and the American people to clean up the court.

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