Jim Jordan Rated One Of The Least Effective GOP Members Of Congress

A report from the Center For Effective Lawmaking ranked Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) 217 out of 220 Republicans in the House in terms of effectiveness.

The Center For Effective Lawmaking measures 15 different metrics to evaluate how many bills a member of Congress sponsors, how far they get toward becoming law, and the substantiveness of their proposals.

According to Cleveland.com, Jim Jordan did not grade well:

One of the best-known Republicans in Ohio’s congressional delegation – top House Judiciary Committee Republican Jim Jordan – was rated among the least effective GOP Congress members for the second consecutive time, at 217th out of 220.

“I didn’t come to Congress to make more laws,” Jordan said recently, when asked about the ratings. “I actually came to Congress to reduce regulations and taxes on American families and the American people. My goal is not to pass a bunch of bills. I’ll support the legislation that I think makes sense. I don’t have to have my name on it to to be supportive of that. And I’m certainly not going to do that in the committee.”
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Jordan’s excuse for why he is so ineffective doesn’t make sense. The primary duty of members of Congress is to pass laws. The mechanism for reducing taxes and regulations is passing laws.

The effectiveness report exposes members like Jim Jordan, who are more interested in publicity and political grandstanding than doing the job of legislating.

Rep. Jordan has demonstrated that he is not very good at the oversight function of Congress either, as his attempts at oversight as chair of the House Judiciary Committee have been a series of laughable flops and failures.

If you believe that the job of a member of Congress is to represent their constituents in the legislative process, Jim Jordan is not very good at his job.

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