Joe Scarborough talks about Greg Abbott and guns on Morning Joe.

Joe Scarborough Calls Greg Abbott Sick For Unleashing A Plague Of Gun Violence In Texas

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough called Gov. Greg Abbott sick for continuing to make more guns available and easier to get as the gun murder rate has skyrocketed in Texas.

Video of Joe  Scarborough:

Scarborough said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

He’s always off. He’s always wrong. He’s always off about guns. He will do anything. He’ll do a bait and switch. Compare Texas’ mental health treatment to anybody else’s in the world. By the way, there are mental health problems in Belgium. There are mental health problems in Britain. You don’t think there’s mental health problems in London? There aren’t shootings in London like there are in Texas, it seems every day, every other day. This guy talks about illegal immigrants getting shot, first of all, heinous, and you talk to people who want this slaughter to continue, who want AR-15s on the street for everybody.

They say “Oh, well, you never talk about how the shooter was an illegal immigrant.” Well, yeah, let’s talk about that. How did the guy who was deported four times, four times, how did he get an AR-15? How did he get all the other weapons? How are all these people getting weapons? You know, the thing is, Abbott will do anything but talk about the issue — That is in front of him, the murders in Texas since 2014 by guns have skyrocketed. All this guy does is say he wants more guns in the state of Texas. It’s sick. This is a sickness.
It’s really sick…It is sick.


This isn’t even gun culture. This is the most extreme, radicalized version. I grew up in a gun culture where people would go hunting in the fall. This was normal. There’s nothing normal about these AR-15s being so easy to get ahold of, that even an illegal immigrant who is deported four times feels free to shoot it in his front yard before slaughtering his neighbors.

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Joe Scarborough will never be mistaken for a liberal, but his comments exemplify the overwhelming national majority consensus that Republicans like Greg Abbott are getting Americans killed because they cater to the gun industry.

Scarborough was correct. The mass shooting situation in Texas is terrible, but it isn’t like anywhere in the United States is particularly good, given that even states with strong gun laws have to contend with neighboring Republican-run states where guns are easily and readily available to all who want them.

The cynical gun politics of governors like Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis are getting people killed. Nothing will change until voters decide to punish the extremists who see political benefits to enabling mass shooters in their states.


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