E Jean Carroll rape trial verdict.

Trump Found To Have Sexually Abused And Defamed E. Jean Carroll

A jury has found that Trump sexually abused E. Jean Carroll and defamed her, and has awarded Carroll roughly $5 million.


The jury did not find that Trump raped E. Jean Carroll, but they did find that he sexually abused and defamed her.

MSNBC’s Katy Tur read the verdict:

Number one, did Donald Trump rape E. Jean Carroll, the answer is no. This is the verdict. Yes to number two. Did Donald Trump sexually abuse Miss Carroll. The answer from the jury is yes. So no on rape. Yes on sexual abuse. Down to number four. On the jury form. Miss Carroll was injured as a result of Mr. Trump’s conduct. The answer to that is yes. And they have awarded her $2

million. $2 million. The answer to was she injured as a result of Mr. Trump’s conduct, yes. No on rape, yes on sexual assault. Sexually abused. Now we are looking at question number five. This is Mr. Trump’s conduct was willfully negligent, reckless or done with a conscious disregard, the answer from the jury is yes. The award in damages is $20,000. That’s for number five. Number six. Was Mr. Trump’s statement defamatory? That’s what the jury is answering now. The answer to that is yes. It was defamatory. Next was Mr. Trump’s statement false. Did Miss Carroll prove by clear and convincing evidence that Mr. Trump’s statement was false? The answer is yes.

Now on to number eight. Mr. Trump made the statement with actual malice. The answer to that is also yes. On to number nine. Miss Carroll was injured as a result of Mr. Trump’s publication of the October 12, 2022 statement. Did she prove this by a preponderance of the evidence? The answer to that is number nine, yes. Other than reputation repair, the dollar amount there, going to wait on that. $1 million. So far, we are at $3 million. 20,000. So far that the jury has awarded to E. Jean Carroll. Also, for reputation repair, $1.7 million. 

We’re on to number ten. In making the statement, Mr. Trump acted maliciously after hatred, ill will, spite or willful disregard of the rights of a number, of another, excuse me. 10. That is yes. Yes, he did so according to the jury. How much if any should Mr. Trump pay to Miss Carroll in punitive damages. 280,000 it appears. 280,000 in punitive damages. That is the entirety of the verdict form. No on rape, yes on sexual assault. $2 million for that. Yes on defamatory statement. $20,000 for that. Other reputation repair. $1 million. And $1.7 million as well and making the statement Mr. Trump acted maliciously out of willful disregard of another. Yes and the damages for that were $1.7 million. That’s for the defamatory statement.

Donald Trump has had dozens of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual abuse allegations made against him and for the first time, he has been held accountable in a court of law.

Even a former president can’t do and say whatever he wants.

The Republican Party just saw their likely 2024 nominee for president be found civilly liable for sexual abuse.


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