James Comer's big Biden criminal evidence reveal press conference.

James Comer Crashes And Burns At Humiliating Biden Crime Press Conference

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 03:44 pm

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House Oversight Committee Chair Rep. James Comer (R-KY) promised a big evidence reveal of a Biden family pay-to-play scheme, but he didn’t have any evidence at all.

Video of Comer:

Comer said, “We’ll talk about that progress. First, we want to discuss information the committee has learned since our last press conference in November. New information investigators have uncovered regarding the transfer of money from foreign entities to the Biden family.

Well, that sounds big. Let’s see the evidence that Joe Biden solicited money from foreign countries in exchange for policies while he was vice president.

Take it away, Chair Comer:

 Many of the wire payments occurred while Joe Biden was Vice President and leading the United States efforts in these countries. First instance, Vice President Biden was lecturing Romania on anti-corruption policies. In reality, he was a walking billboard for his son and family to collect money.

Hunter Biden and his associates capitalized on a lucrative financial relationship with the Romanian nationals. Who was under investigation for and later convicted of corruption in Romania. The Bidens received over $1 million for the deal and 16 of the 17 payments to their associates account that funneled the Bidens money occurred while Joe Biden was vice president. In fact, the money stops flowing. From the Romanian nationals. Soon after Joe Biden leaves the vice presidency.

Comer calls this evidence of influence peddling. It is not.

There is no evidence that President Biden did anything.

Rep. Comer is rehashing stories about Hunter Biden that have been known about and investigated for five years.

The real red flag in Comer’s press conference came when he promised that his investigation is on the up and up:

Comer said, “As has been my practice. We will report to you only facts when they are verified. And indisputable. This committee will not pursue witch hunts or string the American people along for years with false promises of evidence that is beyond circumstantial evidence.”

James Comer’s Big Press Conference Was An Embarrassment

Even Republicans have complained that Jim Jordan and James Comer’s investigations have been embarrassing due to the lack of evidence.

Rep. Comer took some bank records, connected them with conspiracy theories, and then attached them to President Biden.

Comer has no actual evidence that President Biden did anything wrong. There is no evidence that Biden solicited funds from foreign countries in exchange for policy influence.

House Republicans are making it up as they go along.

James Comer is abusing his power as the chair of the House Oversight Committee, and he is wasting taxpayer money on these investigations.

It is embarrassing for the country that House Republicans are trying to pass off conservative media conspiracy theories and legitimate congressional investigations.

Comer’s press conference is a prime example of why Republicans are likely to lose the House in 2024.

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