Rudy Giuliani Accused Of Selling Presidential Pardons And Splitting The Money With Trump

A sexual abuse lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani by a former high-ranking employee accuses him of selling presidential pardons for $2 million and splitting the money with Donald Trump.

Noelle Dunphy was Rudy Giuliani’s former Director of Business Development and in a new lawsuit details a pattern of horrific sexual abuse. (Warning: If you are going to read the lawsuit it contains details of alleged sexual abuse.)

The lawsuit paints a picture of Giuliani who is an alleged predator of women and also a corrupt functioning alcoholic.

As part of Giuliani’s alleged corruption, Dunphy accuses him of selling presidential pardons and splitting the money with Donald Trump.

From page 25 of the lawsuit:

Around February 16, 2019, they reviewed Giuliani’s emails with Ukrainian government officials, and again discussed the advisability of registering under FARA. Ms. Dunphy offered to complete the registration for him. Giuliani told her that he was able to break the laws because, he said: “I have immunity.”

He also asked Ms. Dunphy if she knew anyone in need of a pardon, telling her that he was selling pardons for $2 million, which he and President Trump would split. He told Ms. Dunphy that she could refer individuals seeking pardons to him, so long as they did not go through “the normal channels” of the Office of the Pardon Attorney, because correspondence going to that office would be subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

The idea of selling pardons was whispered about during Trump’s time in office, and how Dunphy describes the process fits Trump’s usual method of operation.

Donald Trump would never sell the pardon himself, and he would have someone else sell the pardon so that he had deniability and someone to blame if word got out. If things went bad, Trump would take his cut on the backend and set Giuliani up as a fall guy.

The allegation that Trump and Giuliani sold pardons is worthy of investigation.

With Trump running another campaign for the White House, the American people deserve to know the truth.

For the sexual abuse alone, if proven true, Rudy Giuliani belongs in prison. If they were selling pardons, it would illustrate that there is no crime against America that Donald Trump won’t commit.

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