Kevin McCarthy criticizes Biden for going to Japan.

Kevin McCarthy Freaks Out As Biden Refuses To Be His Debt Limit Hostage

Speaker McCarthy attacked President Biden for leaving the country on an overseas trip while he was trying to hold America, hostage.


McCarthy criticized the President for going to Japan, “All I know is we got 16 more days to go. I don’t think I would spend eight days out of the country, and I think the country wants an American president focused on solving American problems.”

Speaker McCarthy is trying to create a national crisis, which is kind of difficult to do when the President thinks so little of his threats that he doesn’t cancel his overseas trip. McCarthy wanted an agreement before this weekend because the House only has four more days in session before they go on recess for Memorial Day until June 5.

The message that the White House is sending is that Joe Biden isn’t going to be Kevin McCarthy’s hostage. The Speaker has created this crisis, and he could end it right away by passing a clean debt limit increase.

Biden isn’t playing Kevin McCarthy’s game, and his attempts to pressure the President comes off as McCarthy sounding desperate because he has painted himself into a corner and has no easy way out.

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