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House Democrats Loudly Say No To GOP Work Requirements

House Democrats are warning that there will be a big problem if Republicans try to put social safety net program work requirements into the debt limit bill.


Rep. Primala Jayapal (D-WA) said, “There is a huge backlash from the entire Democratic caucus and certainly the Progressives, but also in the streets. I think it is important that we don’t take steps back from the very strong agenda that the president, himself, he shepherded and led over the last two years.”

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Rep. Alexndria Ocasio-Cortez (D- NY) said, “It is a problem. We do not legislate through the debt ceiling for that reason.”

In a word, the response from House Democrats to the Republican demand that social safety net programs like Medicaid for example have to come with work requirements is a big no.

Work requirements will cut down the number of people who can participate in vital programs, and are a back door way to weaken and gut assistance for those who need it the most.

Democrats aren’t going to be ransomed into sacrificing the poorest Americans so that House Republicans can cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations.

The debt limit talks are getting nowhere because House Republicans refuse to come down from their unreasonable demands.

Threats are not negotiating. Inflexibility is not negotiating, and if a default happens, House Republicans will own it.

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