Karine Jean-Pierre responds to Kevin McCarthy's debt limit proposal

Karine Jean-Pierre Smacks Down Kevin McCarthy’s Debt Limit Lies

Speaker Kevin McCarthy keeps trying to blame Democrats for spending, but White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre brought the facts.

The exchange:

The manufactured debt limit crisis is doing nothing but irritating and enraging Democrats. If Kevin McCarthy’s goal was to trash the US economy while motivating Democrats to work ten times harder to take back the House, he has been successful.

McCarthy is very close to being kicked to the curb by his caucus. If he comes back to them with anything other than the doomed bill they barely passed, the motion for him to vacate will happen before he can offer a defense for any deal he makes with President Biden.

The reality is that Republicans spent like there was no tomorrow when Donald Trump was in office, and they rubber-stamped debt limit increases without a peep about spending cuts.

The White House must be more forceful in rebutting McCarthy, and having the Press Secretary out there is a  good start.

It is also time for President Biden to use the biggest bully pulpit in the world to ensure that Republicans don’t define the conversation. Kevin McCarthy and his gang ran up a big part of this debt, and they need to pay for it.

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