Dan Bishop speaks at freedom caucus press conference.

House MAGAs Are Losing It Because They Can’t Crash The Economy For Trump

The House Freedom Caucus held a press conference on Tuesday, complaining that the debt limit deal will prevent them from crashing the economy for Trump.


Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) complained about the budget deal raising the debt limit for two years, “And what does the device of raising it for two years do? It removes the issue from the national conversation during the presidential election to come. How could you more successfully kneecap any Republican presidential hopeful than by taking the issue out of his or her hands?”

The entire point of the debt ceiling fight for the Trump loyalists in the House was to crash the economy to make it easier for Trump to win in 2024. The MAGA loyalists don’t care about reducing the deficit, and they don’t care about good economic policy. The name of the game is to hurt Biden’s odds of winning reelection. MAGA Republicans are outraged that they won’t get any more chances to hold the nation hostage before the next presidential election.

Republicans in the House realized that they had been had in the budget negotiations. They are going to try to kill the deal, but their odds of being successful are not good.

House Republicans got one bite of the apple, and they blew their big chance, and they are understanding that Biden has set the table for his reelection.


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