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Tara Reade Falsely Accused Biden Of Sexual Assault And Now She’s Defected Russia

Tara Reade falsely accused Joe Biden of sexual assault during the 2020 presidential campaign and now she has announced that she is defecting to Russia.

Reade announced on Russian state TV:

Reade is now in Russia, where her buddy spy Marina Butina is helping her get her Russian citizenship.

There was never any credible evidence that could be found to support Reade’s claim. Unlike E. Jean Carroll, who did have enough evidence to convince a jury that she had been sexually abused by Donald Trump, the investigation into Reade’s allegation revealed a person with a history of grifting and other potential problems.

Reade has been turning up at pro-Russia events since the invasion of Ukraine, so her move is not a surprise, but in case anyone thinks that bringing up the name Tara Reade will carry any weight with voters and ‘level the playing field’ for Trump, her move to Russia should put an end to that idea.

Joe Biden has been in public life for a half of a century. If those dark scandals existed, they would have surfaced long before 2020. Reade’s allegation fell apart, just like the conspiracy theories Jim Jordan and others are investigating in the House of Representatives.

Tara Reade is publically what she has been for years—a Russian asset.

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