George Santos responds to being indicted.

Judge Says The Government Must Answer By Friday Who Paid For George Santos’s Bail

A federal court has imposed a Friday deadline on the DOJ to answer media requests for the release of information about who bailed out George Santos.

The press has filed a request to unseal the documents with the court:

The answer to the question of who posted bail for Rep. Santos could be both very interesting and telling. If somebody within the Republican Party posted bail for Santos that would indicate that they are planning on doing nothing to get rid of the indicted congressman because they value his vote more than they value the House.

George Santos is currently facing 13 federal charges, including seven charges of wire fraud, three charges of money laundering, one count of theft of public funds, and two counts of making false statements to the House of Representatives.

As soon as Kevin McCarthy linked himself, and by extension the Republican Party to Santos, this sort of situation was bound to happen.

If a high-profile donor bailed out Santos that would raise more questions than answers. How deep does the George Santos corruption run within the Republican Party? The nation could get its first insight into an answer on Friday.

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