Mike Pence

Mike Pence To Launched Doomed Presidential Campaign Next Week

Former vice president Mike Pence is a candidate that nobody seems to want, but that hasn’t stopped him from launching his presidential campaign next week.


Jonathan Allen of NBC News reported, “ Reporter: I can tell you Mike Pence is in as of a week from today. He will be doing a video probably in the morning, and then a launch speech in Des Moines, Iowa. His campaign is very focused on Iowa as are a lot of campaigns as a place that they believe is very hospitable to the former vice president, in part because of his strong evangelical Republican base. He’ll be doing that speech sometime on the 7th, and then there’s going to be a town hall later that night. “

MAGA’s literally think that Mike Pence is the anti-Christ. Pence has no appeal with moderates or Democrats. The only reason for his candidacy is that running after he was done being Trump’s vice president was always the Pence plan.

Mike Pence is sticking to the plan even though he will be a doomed candidate from day one. His whole base of support is likely to be comprised of evangelical voters, many of whom are being fought over by Trump and Ron DeSantis. Sen. Tim Scott is also making a hard play for the white evangelical Republican vote, so it is difficult to see where there are enough votes in the Republican primary for Mike Pence to win anything.

Then there is the whole Trump supporters think Pence is either a traitor or the anti-Christ which is definitely going to work against him in the primary.

There is zero demand for a Mike Pence 2024 candidacy, but since Republicans are determined to repeat the mistakes of 2016, Mike Pence is running for the Republican presidential nomination.

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