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Audio Tape Could Be The Piece Of Evidence That Convicts Trump

The audio tape of Trump acknowledging that he kept critical classified documents could be the piece of evidence that Jack Smith needs, not just to indict the former president, but to convict him.

Federal investigators have reportedly obtained an audio recording of former President Donald Trump in which he admits keeping a classified Pentagon document after leaving office. The recording was made in July 2021 at Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, and is a crucial piece of evidence that prosecutors in special counsel Jack Smith’s office obtained in recent months and presented in grand-jury proceedings examining the former president’s retention of sensitive records and possible obstruction of justice.

The revelation of this audio recording is significant, as it suggests that Trump may have violated federal law by retaining classified information after leaving office. It also raises questions about whether he obstructed justice by failing to turn over sensitive documents to investigators.

The audio recording was reportedly made by a member of Trump’s inner circle who was present during the conversation. Reportedly, Trump can be heard acknowledging that he had access to a classified document related to a possible U.S. attack on Iran and that he had kept it after leaving office.

This revelation comes as the special counsel’s investigation into Trump’s actions during his time in office continues to ramp up. In recent weeks, prosecutors have reportedly been interviewing witnesses and issuing subpoenas related to Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election and his role in the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

Trump has not yet commented on the existence of the audio recording, but his legal team is likely to argue that he did not violate any laws by retaining the classified document. However, legal experts say that the recording could be a major piece of evidence in any future criminal case against Trump.

Trump’s legal team is already swimming in trouble, and it could only get worse in the near future. There has not been one single piece of reported evidence that could viewed as exculpatory for the former president.

Each new detail piles on and only adds to the likelihood that he will be federally criminally indicted before the 2024 presidential election campaign gets started.

It has been a long road to potential justice for Trump, but what might seal his fate is the former one term president’s inability to keep his mouth closed.

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