Joe Biden

Biden Outsmarted Republicans And He Knows It

President Biden has put the clamps on publicly bragging about the debt ceiling deal but privately has admitted to out-negotiating McCarthy.

Politico reported, “White House officials argue that he effectively out-negotiated the GOP, agreeing to small, near-term concessions in exchange for preserving a litany of major economic investments that make up the core of his case for reelection. They also note that the debt ceiling won’t need to be negotiated again until after Biden’s name is on the ballot one final time — effectively removing the main leverage point Republicans had.”

Kevin McCarthy gave up the only leverage that Republicans had in exchange for some marginal short-term concessions.

If Democrats take back the House in 2024 and keep the Senate and the White House, they will roll back anything that they don’t like in the current deal, and it will be like McCarthy’s debt limit antics never happened.

President Biden knows that he is likely to be facing Trump next fall, so the name of the game for him is to look in control and competent while getting things done.

Kevin McCarthy could not deliver the votes on his own. He needed help from the President and House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries to get the bill over the finish line. 

President Biden knows that he outsmarted the Republicans, and he is going to use it to his advantage in 2024.

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