Chuck Grassley docs about a Biden FBI document on Fox News.

Chuck Grassley Falls Apart After A Simple Fox Question About Biden Pay To Play Allegation

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) admitted that the document that he wants to make public from the FBI contains allegations against Biden, but no evidence.

Video of Grassley on Fox News:

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Fox’s Bill Hemmer asked Grassley, “Senator how damning is this document to the sitting U.S. president?”

Grassley answered, “Well it’s.. I I don’t know that and that’s what we’ve read it I read it let’s put it this way there’s accusations in it but that’s uh it’s not for me to make a judgment about whether these accusations are accurate or not. It’s up to my job to make sure the FBI is doing their job and uh that’s what this is all about as far as I’m concerned. uh Public business ought to be public.”

Sen. Grassley was asked a simple question. Is this document damning for Biden? Grassley has read it. He knows what is in it, but he won’t characterize it as damning or as evidence.

Grassley’s answer was an admission that he wants to release a document that contains unfounded allegations against the president to the public. Chuck Grassley is trying to build a scandal that Trump can use against Biden during the 2024 election.

The document likely has no legal or evidentiary value. The value is political, but if Sen. Grassley can’t answer a simple question about the contents of the document without falling apart, it is unlikely to do any damage to Biden.


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