Ron DeSantis at a campaign event in New Hampshire.

Ron DeSantis Snowflakes Out When Asked A Question By A Reporter

Ron DeSantis was asked by a reporter why he wasn’t taking questions from voters in New Hampshire, and he responded by snapping at the reporter for asking the question.


DeSantis was asked why he wasn’t taking questions from voters, and he answered, “What are you talking about? I’m out here talking to people. Are you blind? Are you blind? So people are coming up and talking to me about whatever they want to talk to me about.”

We all know that taking selfies after an event is not the same as taking questions from voters.
Since Gov. DeSantis struggles to interact with human beings, his campaign has apparently decided to not put him in formal situations where he has to interact with potential voters in an important way.

DeSantis tried to sound like a tough guy when talking to the reporter, but he came off as a whiny snowflake who was complaining about  someone asking him a legitimate question while he was pretending to enjoy interacting with voters.


No matter how much money billionaires put behind him, it is clear that Ron DeSantis isn’t cut out for national presidential politics on a human level. DeSantis appears to be trying to be MAGA’s safety date. If things don’t work out with Trump, Ron DeSantis wants MAGA to know he is the perfect backup plan.

Gov. DeSantis is like a poor copy of Trump, and even his attempts at bullying the press come off as forced and weak.

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