Jim Jordan Is Now Trying To Protect Trump From Jack Smith

You know things are getting serious for Trump when Rep. Jim Jordan wades in and demands information from the Special Counsel to meddle in the investigation.

Here is the letter that Jordan sent out demanding information about Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Trump investigation:

Didn’t we just do this?

It was in April 2023 when Jim Jordan tried to meddle in Alvin Bragg’s investigation into Trump.

Isn’t Jordan off threatening to investigate Hillary Clinton?

This is all part of Rep. Jordan’s looming push to defund the FBI.

There is a method to Jordan’s madness, which is to use every tool at his disposal to try to keep Donald Trump from being criminally convicted before Election Day 2024.

The important piece of information isn’t that Jim Jordan is demanding information about Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation. The important development is why Jordan wants that information. Chair Jordan has to know that the DOJ is going to tell him to go kick rocks and not provide a single scrap of info.

Jordan can then use their refusal to compromise the investigation to argue that the FBI is a weaponized part of the Department of Justice that must be defunded.

Rep. Jordan thinks that if get can get a bill to defund the FBI through the House, it will scare DOJ enough that they will back off of Trump.

None of this will ever happen, but Jim Jordan is doing everything that he can to save Donald Trump.

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