Trump Throws A Fit After Mike Pence Won’t Be Charged In Classified Docs Probe

Donald Trump did not take the news well that his former vice president is not going to be charged with any crimes related to having classified documents.


After the news broke that Pence was not going to be charged, Trump posted on Truth Social:

Just announced that they are not going to bring charges against Mike Pence on the document hoax. That’s great, but when am I going to be fully exonerated, I’m at least as innocent as he is. And what about Joe Biden, who is hiding at least 1850 boxes, and some located in Chinatown, DC? When will the witch hunt against “TRUMP” stop?

Pence’s situation has nothing in common with Trump’s. The former vice president notified authorities when the documents were found. He and his attorneys fully cooperated with the federal government.

In contrast, Donald Trump lied to the government and defied a subpoena for the return of documents. Trump maintains that he is entitled to possess the documents, and appears to have at minimum engaged in obstruction of justice.

Trump is going to likely be criminally charged, not exonerated. The former president may have to be found not guilty by a jury of his peers.

Donald Trump needed Biden or Pence to be charged because it would have allowed him to muddy the waters and shift the blame for his criminal activity onto others.

The former president is already angry that Pence wasn’t charged and he is going to hit the roof if Biden is not charged either.

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