Trump’s Lawyers Can’t Find Classified Iran Doc Talked About On Tape

Lawyers for Donald Trump say that they can’t find the Iran document that Trump talked about still having in his possession on an audio tape.

CNN reported:
The sources say prosecutors made clear to Trump’s attorneys after issuing the subpoena that they specifically wanted the Iran document he talked about on tape as well as any material referencing classified information – like meeting notes, audio recordings or copies of the document – that may still be Trump’s possession.

The fact that Trump’s team was unable to produce the document underscores the challenges the government has faced in trying to recover classified material that Trump took when he left the White House and in understanding the movement of government records that Trump kept.

Trump’s lawyers claim that they can’t find the classified document about Iran, and the Justice Department has consistently expressed a skepticism that Donald Trump has turned over all of the classified documents, so Trump could be hiding the document, the government already has the document somewhere, or Trump made the whole thing up and lied about it.

For Jack Smith, whether or not Trump has the document is irrelevant. The tape is damning because it acts as an admission by Trump that he knowingly understood that he should not have had the government documents in his position. Trump is going to continue to play dumb, but the tape reportedly tells a different story.

Important classified material is still missing after Trump took it, and that is the primary reason that the former president should face criminal charges.

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