John Bolton talks about Donald Trump on CNN

Watch John Bolton Lay Waste To Donald Trump

Former Ambassador John Bolton ripped Trump for being in over his head with dictators like Kim Jong-un told Republican presidential candidates that Trump must not be renominated.

Video of Bolton on CNN Newsroom with Jim Acosta:

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Bolton talked about Trump and dictators, “Well, we saw warning signs in Trump’s reaction to these letters that Kim sent to him before the Singapore summit and then after. And now there is no doubt in my mind, these letters were written by some communist party hack in the agitprop of the North Korea Workers Party but they were filled with phrases like your excellencency and he thought there were love letters. I shook my head. I don’t think he understands what he’s up against when he faces the hard men of contemporary international affairs. Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, XI Jinping, he just doesn’t know what room he’s in.”

Bolton later talked about why Trump must be stopped and the problem with the RNC requiring a loyalty pledge to participate in debates, “I wouldn’t support that pledge. I’m not going to support Donald Trump. Think he did enormous damage to the country and certainly to the Republican Party in the four years he served. A second term, I think, but all of that is repairable. But four more years of Donald Trump could do significant permanent damage to the country and the Republican Party. That is why I think everybody who is in this race now should not spend their time picking away at each other. They have got to convince Republican primary voters that the job one here is to prevent Trump from being renominated.”

John Bolton worked in the Trump administration. He was there. Bolton saw it with his own eyes, so when he makes Trump sound like a simpleton who was easily fooled by authoritarian propaganda, it is worth listening to him. Former Amb. Bolton was also correct that Republicans presidential candidates should be focused on stopping Trump instead taking shots at each other.

This is the world that we live in now where neo-con John Bolton who pushed for the invasion of Iraq now sounds like a moderate voice who supports Ukraine against Russia and is arguing that Trump must be stopped.

The Republican Party is so far out of the mainstream that on some issues John Bolton is a centrist on US foreign policy.

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