Casey DeSantis called Walmart Melania for wearing where woke goes to die jacket.

Fox News Is Having A Meltdown Over Casey DeSantis Being Called Walmart Melania

Casey DeSantis was nicknamed Walmart Melania recently and Fox News responded with a meltdown of pure venom and division.


On Fox’s Outnumbered, Emily Compagno ranted:

This is why it is so repetitively disheartening to open up the paper and read what people actually think of us. Us. We are the ones who put food on our table. We earn our income. We fly the American flag. We wear clothes from where we can afford proudly, and rightly so.


We disgust the elitist left. We disgust them by existing and by being proud of being American, being proud of being modest and humble and coming from humble beginnings and moderate ends.

Ron DeSantis is failing and Fox News knows it, so they are going full classism to try to prop him up.

Fox News Does Not Speak For The Working Class

Every single person in front of the camera on Outnumbered makes a minimum of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. These people, just like Casey and Ron DeSantis don’t shop at Walmart. The people pushing the messages of division and hate on Fox aren’t struggling to get by.

They are the wealthy conservative elite trying to manipulate and exploit their viewers to divide America further.

Just Ron DeSantis is a cheap knockoff of Donald Trump. Casey DeSantis is trying to be the generic Melania Trump.

The fraud of the conservative culture war is perfectly summed up by rich people on Fox News complaining about Casey DeSantis being called Walmart Melania.

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