Chris Christie’s Presidential Campaign Announcement Triggers Marco Rubio

Chris Christie’s announcement that he is running for the 2024 Republican nomination set Sen. Marco Rubio off on a tangent about his own 2016 campaign.

Rubio tweeted:

Rubio is still litigating the 2016 primary that he lost. Blaming campaign advisers is always a weak cop-out by a candidate, because who hired those Marco Rubio campaign advisers that Marco Rubio is complaining about nearly eight years later? That would be Marco Rubio.

Sen. Rubio did do one thing right in his campaign. Once he knew he was going down in flames, he went out on the road and attacked Trump. It was too little too late, but it was more than any of the other Republicans running against Trump then or now have mustered.

The media is whispering that Christie is getting in the race to take down Trump. File that one away as I’ll believe it when I see it. The 2024 field is not as large as 2016 yet, but it is showing the same fear of Trump that allowed him to breeze to the nomination in 2016.

If Chris Christie was trying to trigger somebody, it was definitely not Marco Rubio. For years, it has been reported that Rubio hates being in the Senate. Sen. Rubio really wants to be president, and seeing Chris Christie run for the White House again seems to have brought up some issues for the Senator from Florida.

Just when you think Republicans can’t get any weirder, Marco Rubio tweets 2016 campaign PTSD.

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