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Another Trumper Bites The Dust As GOP Donor Arrested For Attacking Police On 1/6

A prominent Republican Party donor has been arrested for attacking the police at the Capitol on 1/6.

Politico reported:
A prominent Long Island funeral home director and frequent donor to GOP causes was arrested Wednesday and charged by federal prosecutors with spraying wasp insecticide at police officers during the Jan. 6 attack at the Capitol.

Peter G. Moloney, who campaign finance records show has given thousands of dollars to GOP campaigns and committees — including Donald Trump, the Republican National Committee and Lee Zeldin, a former congressman and New York gubernatorial candidate — was also charged with assaulting a member of the media. Moloney is slated to make his initial appearance at a federal courthouse on Long Island on Wednesday afternoon.

As Republicans move into their 2024 presidential campaign, they can’t escape the 1/6 attack, which continues to hang over them like a dark cloud.

Republican politicians, their donors, and supporters have all be caught up in the aftermath of the attack. House Republicans have done everything imaginable to try to whitewash the events of 1/6 and make them go away, but the stain still lingers.

If Donald Trump wins the Republican presidential nomination, the 1/6 attack should be front and center in the minds of voters. Should the biggest media companies refuse to remind voters about what the party’s leader did, it will be up to Democrats and the American people to make sure that 1/6 is a stain that Republicans can’t wash away.

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