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Right Wing Chaos As Fox Is Threatening To Sue Tucker Carlson Over Twitter Show

Fox News has notified Tucker Carlson that he has breached his contract by launching a new show on Twitter, and legal action could be coming.

Axios reported:
Shortly after Carlson posted the first episode of his new show on Twitter Tuesday evening, Fox News general counsel Bernard Gugar sent a letter to Carlson’s lawyers saying Carlson “is in breach” of his contract agreement.

“In connection with such breach and pursuant to the Agreement, Fox expressly reserves all rights and remedies which are available to it at law or equity.”

According to Fox, Carlson signed a contract that makes him exclusive to Fox News and is prohibited from doing any other type of show whether it is TV, radio, or Internet while still under contract to Fox News.

Carlson’s contract reportedly runs through 2024, so if Fox decides to sue him to keep him off the air, the former top-rated host will lose all momentum if he tries to launch a new venture after his current contract has expired.

Fox and Carlson are already locked in a battle about his firing from the network, and it looks like Carlson might have tried to put one over on Fox while playing Elon Musk for the fool. Twitter should have been well versed in Carlson’s Fox contract before they ever agreed to host his show.

Fox News could be out to bury Tucker Carlson so that by the time he is legally allowed to return, he will have no audience left to return to.

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