Donald Trump

Justice Comes To Mar-a-Lago As Trump Indicted On 7 Counts

CNN is reporting that former president Donald Trump has been indicted on seven federal counts related to the classified documents case.


The indictment has been expected at any time this week. Legal experts are suggesting that could be indicted of obstruction of justice and mishandling classified information or government documents under the Espionage Act. Unless the news leaks, the nation won’t know until Tuesday at 3 PM ET time what the exact charges are.

However, given Trump’s defiance of a subpoena and hiding of documents, obstruction of justice seems like a given.

For his entire adult life, Donald Trump has not been held accountable for his behavior. He has made up and played by his own rules, but he has run into a prosecutor who is standing up for the rule of law.

Donald Trump denies any wrong doing.

Trump will be even more frantic and desperate now that he has been federally indicted.

The only way for him to make the federal charges disappear is to return to the White House.

The American people can make sure that justice is served by using their votes to ensure that Trump never occupies the Oval Office again.

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