Marjorie Taylor Greene talks to the media after reviewing FBI document.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Embarrasses Herself By Claiming Biden Took A Bribe But The Proof Is Missing

After reviewing an FBI document, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) claimed that President Biden took a bribe, but the proof is missing.

Greene started her comments to the media by claiming that the document has nothing to do with Rudy Giuliani, and the she repeated Giuliani’s debunked Burisma claims.


Greene said:

He did say it would take ten years for all of us to find out about the payments made to the Bidens because of how many bank accounts there were. He said at the time there were no direct payments made to ‘the big guy,’ but in a meeting later after he had become more upset as things were unfolding, he told the informant that he has two pieces of evidence showing proof of payment to Hunter and specifically Joe Biden.

You see, I think what everyone needs to understand is that business owners whether they’re good or bad, whether they perform their business in a legal manner or a corrupt manner, they always keep records of their business payments, accounts and receivables, that’s how it’s done, and this owner of Burisma kept a record, especially of the bribes. And if you’re in an industry where you have to pay bribes to get things done, then you always want to keep a record and keep proof of your bribes.

Marjorie Taylor Greene talked about proof but offered none


Marjorie Taylor Greene claims that President Biden took a bribe, but her allegation is based on a paid informant who claims that he was told this by the owner of Burisma, who supposedly has proof that President Biden took a bribe, but no one has the evidence that Biden took a bribe.

Also, people who pay bribes are super reliable witnesses because they keep records of their illegal bribes.

Behind all of the smoke and mirrors is the fact that there is no evidence that President Biden ever did anything wrong. The FBI and Trump’s Department of Justice investigated this allegation and dismissed it.

Republicans are attempting to recycle and launder Russian disinformation against Biden.

The Biden pay-to-play allegation is getting zero mainstream attention outside of conservative media because it Russian constructed leftover trash from the 2020 election.

Rep. Greene’s performance was an embarrassment to herself and the country, and a consequence of Kevin McCarthy elevating her to the House Oversight Committee.

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