Jamie Raskin uses Jim Jordan's own words in House Select Committee hearing.

Jamie Raskin Turns Trump’s Indictment Into A Big Problem For Republicans

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) made Donald Trump’s federal criminal indictment a problem for Republicans in the House and Senate.

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, Raskin said:

Today’s federal grand jury indictment tells us that former President Donald Trump put our national security in grave danger as he pursued yet another lawless personal agenda by pilfering and hoarding government documents. After reviewing a trove of factual evidence, the federal grand jury found probable cause to believe that former President Trump knowingly retained hundreds of presidential and classified records, deliberately defied subpoenas, obstructed law enforcement, and lied about his continuing retention of records.

Instead of trying to divide the country and undercut our legal system, Congressional Republicans should respect the outcome of the Special Counsel’s comprehensive investigation and the decisions of the citizens serving on the grand jury. Dangerous rhetoric about a ‘two-tiered system of justice’—discriminating against the rich no less—in order to prop up the twice-impeached former President not only undermines the Department of Justice but betrays the essential principle of justice that no one is above the commands of law, not even a former President or a self-proclaimed billionaire.

As Committee Democrats, we are determined to understand the full sweep of Trump’s unlawful possession of hundreds of government documents and his offenses against our government and people. We must ensure that federal officials preserve our country’s records in a way that is consistent with law and that safeguards our national interests.

Rep. Raskin brought up a great point. Initially, most Republicans are rallying around Trump, but there needs to be a price paid for a political party sticking with a leader who jeopardized national security.

Trump is toxic, and if Republicans are going to glue themselves to him, and betray the nation, then voters need to understand that the GOP is a party that will never put them first. Republicans would rather divide the country than stand up for American values.

Raskin was right. America needs to know that Republicans are putting the country last, and they should not be rewarded for protecting a potential felon.

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