Trump takes credit fo getting himself impeached

Trump Melts Down And Claims His Indictment Is A Cover Up For Biden Stealing Money

Trump has become completely unhinged online and is claiming that his indictment is a cover-up for Biden stealing $5 million. (Biden didn’t steal $5 million).

Trump posted on Truth Social:

Biden pressed Jack Smith to do this in order to take the pressure off the fact that they caught him stealing $5 Million.

Biden was the one concealing and hiding documents at a level never seen before, including taking them from a SCIF while he was a Senator—unheard of!

But Biden didn’t report anything to the Government, he got caught!

This Case has nothing to do with the Espionage Act, it only has to do with the Presidential Records Act, and also the Clinton Socks Case. It is a SCAM!

Oh sure. That makes total sense. It was all a cover-up to protect…..what? Trump in that extreme panic state that he gets into where he starts tossing wild allegations like a deranged word salad in the hope that some nugget of sanity comes out for his supporters to hang on to.

Trump’s story doesn’t work because Joe Biden didn’t make him take the documents from the White House. Joe Biden didn’t force Trump to lie and obstruct the National Archives to the point where they had to get the Department of Justice and the FBI involved.

Everything that Trump is blaming on Biden was caused by his own poor decisions.

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to understand that even though he is under federal criminal indictment, his social media posts can still be used against him.

This might be the most non-1/6 out of control that Trump has ever been.

The former president is losing it in real time on his own social media platform for the world to witness.






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