Donald Trump

Trump Faceplants In Georgia And Offers No Indictment Defense

Trump’s first remarks since being federally indicted were a mix of stale lines and tactics that revealed his inability to defend his actions.

This is how stale Trump’s attacks were:

Trump said, “The ridiculous and baseless indictment of me by the Biden administration has weaponized the Department of Justice. We’ll go down as among the most horrific abuses of power in the history of our country, many people have said that, Democrats have even said it. This vicious persecution is a travesty of justice.”

Trump attacked the prosecutor:

The former president yelled about the FBI knocking over his stolen boxes:

There was the usual talk about Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and why they should be prosecuted.

It was all here.

All of the classic Trump goalpost shifting, deflection, self-pity, and blame of others.

If you have heard Trump talk about his previous scandals, you’ve heard all of this before.

What was missing was an explanation that might hold up in court for why he took the documents.

Because I wanted to, and I think the documents are mine are not legal defenses. Donald Trump has nothing. It speaks to how pathetic his primary opposition is that he can be under federal indictment, flailing in his speeches, and none of the other GOP presidential candidates are close to him.

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