Dan Goldman debunks the Biden bribery allegation.

Rep. Dan Goldman Sends Republicans Reeling At Hearing By Correcting Biden Bribery Disinformation

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 02:06 pm

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Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) used his time during a House hearing to correct the Russian disinformation behind the GOP’s Biden bribery allegation.


Goldman said:

We’ve heard so much about this FBI 1023 form and how it includes sensational allegations about a massive alleged bribery scheme by President Biden so I was really eager to read that document this week. 

Did the majority actually find some actual evidence of wrongdoing by the president?

Of course not, but it’s even worse than that. This document that they will not stop talking about is shockingly just a three-year-old second-hand hearsay uncorroborated rehashing of Rudy Giuliani’s bogus allegations that he go from Ukrainian corrupt Ukrainian officials.

Now we all know that former president Donald Trump was impeached because he tried to extort President Zelenskyy to announce an investigation into this Ukrainian company Barisma that would benefit Trump’s political campaign the theory goes that then vice president Biden urged Ukraine to fire its Prosecutor General because he was investigating Barisma and the president wanted to help his son who was on the Barisma board

You know where really Giuliani got this information?

From that fired Prosecutor General himself the corrupt Prosecutor General, and we know with absolute certainty now that the truth is exactly the opposite. 

Rep. Goldman brought up a great point. House Oversight Committee Republicans won’t hold a hearing on the bribery allegation because they would have to present evidence at a hearing and Rep. Comer doesn’t have any. Each time that Comer, Rep. Marjorie Taylor, Sen. Chuck Grassley, and others hype this scandal, they never have any evidence to support the allegation that Biden took a bribe.

Democrats connected this allegation to Russia and Giuliani, which is why Republicans get immediately defensive when Giuliani’s name is mentioned.

President Biden called the allegation, “a  bunch of malarkey.”

The FBI doc that Republicans are hyping doesn’t say that Biden received a payment.

The bribery allegation has gone nowhere because even Republicans admit that they don’t know if it is true.

If old Russian disinformation from Rudy Giuliani is the best that House Republicans can come up with, the GOP is in deep trouble in 2024.

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