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Marjorie Taylor introduces new pro-Putin amendments.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Betrays Ukraine And America With New Amendments

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t hiding her dirty work for Putin, as she filed an amendment to force Biden to withdraw from NATO.

Video of Greene:

Rep. Greene said, “My amendment would direct the President to withdraw from NATO. They are not a reliable partner whose defense spending should be paid for by American citizens.”

Greene used Trump’s talking points that the US is paying more than their fair share.

Greene unveiled a second amendment that barred the US from providing F-16s to Ukraine. She then unveiled a third amendment that would ban the US from providing long-range missiles to Ukraine.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to help Putin with these amendments. Putin would love it if the US withdrew from NATO and stopped providing aid to Ukraine.

It is not a coincidence that Greene’s amendments are right in line with the sorts of policies that Trump has long threatened the world with if he ever returns to the White House.

The MAGA Republicans are making it clear that they remain fully aligned with Putin, and if they ever return to the White House, Ukraine will be endangered and democracy around the world will be weakened.

Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene is showing why the true face of MAGA is America last betrayal of the United States.

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