James Comer's big Biden criminal evidence reveal press conference.

Jim Jordan And James Comer’s Big Biden Bribery Witness Cancels His Deposition

Jim Jordan and James Comer promised a big development in their Biden bribery conspiracy theory, but their witness canceled his deposition.

Chad Pergram of Fox News tweeted:

The latest big star witness from Jordan and Comer was convicted of securities fraud and conspiracy to commit security fraud in 2018. 

As has become the norm, Comer and Jordan promised big and face-planted. but at least this time, their witness isn’t a fugitive from justice who is on the run, so that’s an improvement. 

There have been congressional investigations in the past that failed to deliver or were overhyped by Republicans (Benghazi), but an investigation is rarely so inept and shady that it can’t get its witnesses to show up.

The Biden bribery conspiracy was debunked during the Trump administration and has been debunked again in 2023, but House Republicans keep trying because they need that false equivalency between Biden and Trump, but it is not happening. The failures continue to pile up.

Republicans are running out of time. They have no evidence that Biden did anything wrong, and conspiracy theories aren’t going to cut with voters when the Republican nominee is a man who is likely to be facing around 100 criminal charges.

The investigation into Biden has fallen apart, and there isn’t enough political glue in the universe to put it back together.

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