Rachel Maddow interviews Hillary Clinton as Trump gets indicted.

Rachel Maddow Delivers A Classic Introduction Of Hillary Clinton As Trump Is Indicted

Rachel Maddow reminded viewers that Hillary Clinton was right in 2016 as she delivered a classic introduction of Clinton on MSNBC.

Maddow said, “Throughout her 2016 campaign for president, Hillary Clinton warned Americans about this particular choice as the Republican presidential nominee about what specifically he planned to do to our democracy. He went on to win the election in 2016 and now here we are with a multiple indicted former president Trump and a democracy that frankly has not looked this fragile in will more than a century. All over the country, people are wondering what Hillary Clinton is thinking watching things unfold in Georgia. She is the former Democratic presidential nominee and she has a new essay out in The Atlantic on the well-being of Americans and our democracy. It is called the weaponization of loneliness. Madam Secretary, fancy meeting you here.”

Video of Maddow’s intro:


Clinton went on to express no joy over Trump’s latest indictment, but she pointed out that the justice system is working:

The threat to democracy and so much that America has gone through as a nation could have been avoided if less than 100,000 people in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin had voted for Clinton instead of Trump. Hillary Clinton did try to warn the nation about what was coming, but after eight years of Obama making the presidency look so easy that anyone could do it, too many Americans opted to test that theory out by voting for someone who definitely could not do the job.

The anti-democracy plague that Trump embodied and unleashed might have been avoided if Hillary Clinton had won the Electoral College.

Clinton would have come with her own problems as president, but those problems would not have involved the attempted destruction of democracy.

It was poetic justice that as Trump was indicted for racketeering, Hillary Clinton was watching it all go down, as Rachel Maddow reminded the nation of what could have been.

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