Trump fake rose garden press conference

Trump’s Lawyers Race To Stop Election Fraud Press Conference

Trump’s lawyers are telling him to cancel the Georgia election fraud press conference that the former president announced for Monday next week.

ABC News reported:

Former President Donald Trump’s promised press conference to refute the allegations in the indictment handed up by the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office is now very much in doubt, multiple sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News.

Sources tell ABC News that Trump’s legal advisers have told him that holding such a press conference with dubious claims of voter fraud will only complicate his legal problems, and some of his attorneys have advised him to cancel it.

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Former Trump White House lawyer Ty Cobb said that the likely outcome of Trump holding a Georgia election fraud press conference would be that the former president’s remarks are used as evidence against him or that he faces more criminal charges.

Trump would be helping Fani Willis and Jack Smith to prove their cases if he were to hold a press conference and release a report that is based on lies about Georgia election fraud.

Donal Trump has backed himself into a corner with the Big Lie. It is the reasoning behind his presidential campaign. Trump is pushing the false claim that the election was stolen so that his voters feel compelled to vote for him in 2024. If the election wasn’t stolen, Trump is nothing more than an indicted loser who is trying to avoid prison.

The election fraud press conference likely isn’t going to happen, and if it does, it will be another epic moment in the self-destruction of Donald Trump.

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