President Joe Biden speaks at a joint press conference at Camp David.

RNC Busted Smearing Biden With Deceptively Edited Video

During his joint press conference with the leaders of Japan and South Korea President Biden remarked on how Trump’s foreign policy made America weaker, and the RNC edited the video to smear the President.

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The RNC was trying to create the impression that Biden does not want to put America first:

Always be skeptical of video clips that are just a few seconds long.

Here is the full clip:

The President said, “There’s not much or anything that I agree on with my predecessor on foreign policy. His America first policy. Walking away from the rest of the world, made us much weaker, not stronger. America is strong with our allies and alliances and that’s why we will endure.”

Biden didn’t say that policies that place America first are bad. He said that Trump’s policies were bad and weakened the nation.

It is tough for Republicans to find anything to run on because they are saddled with the crime wave anchor known as Donald Trump, but even that level of video editing is low for a political party, especially from something that calls itself the research department.

Whether your politics are left, right, or middle, any video clip that is only a few seconds long should be a red flag because if the source couldn’t show the whole context, it is often because the context doesn’t support their point.

It is a sign of potential desperation that the RNC is already going down the deceptive editing path this soon.


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