Jen Psaki debunks Trump indictments as a Democratic plot

Jen Psaki Smashes The GOP Claim That Trump Indictments Are A Democratic Plot

Jen Psaki pointed out that many of the people testifying against Trump are MAGA Republicans and that Trump has been indicted for his own conduct, so Trump’s woes aren’t a Democratic plot.

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Psaki said on her MSNBC show:

After promising four days he would hold a major news conference tomorrow, Monday, to finally unveil the irrefutable claims of election fraud, he canceled. Citing the advice of his lawyers. Just think about that for a moment. For Donald Trump to back out and openly admit that he did anything at the request of his lawyers — for one, that is a new thing.

It can also only mean one thing, he is scared. Frankly, he should be. He is trying everything he can. From the old playbook, just dusting it off. Trying to delay trials. Distract and, of, course his favorite, paint the prosecutors who have charged him as political actors out to get him. Here’s the thing. Your current legal predicament is not entirely the result of individual prosecutors. They are simply doing their job. It is not the result of partisan politics. Most of the people testifying against him or Republicans. MAGA Republicans many of them. It is a result of his own conduct.


While Republican primary voters are willing to look the other way, the majority of the country is not. Republicans, led by Trump are floating all sorts of conspiracy theories about his indictments being a Democratic plot because they have to move Trump’s woes from the legal to the political.

Trump’s only ticket out of these problems is to win the 2024 election.

None of Trump’s problems have anything to do with Democrats. Each of his indictments was caused by the former president’s own choices and actions.

Trump can blame the Democrats. Republicans are free to follow him off of that cliff, but feelings and opinions don’t change facts and reality.

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