New Poll Shows Republican Voters Are Completely Delusional

Republican primary voters have sold themselves completely on Trump and are dismissing the criminal charges against him as other GOP presidential candidates are fading according to a new CBS News poll.

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The poll:

The level of GOP voter delusion:

It is unclear why Fox News is bothering to hold the Republican primary debate if Trump is not showing up. The Republican primary electorate has made up its mind. They are standing by Trump. Ron DeSantis has seen his support drop and instead of moving to another candidate, that support has gone to Trump.

The media can pretend like there is a competitive primary race. They can continue to give airtime to no-chance Republican presidential candidates, but the primary is moving toward being over before a single is cast. The Republican donor class might be looking for a Trump alternative, but Republican voters aren’t.

The majority of the Republican Party has collectively deluded itself into believing that the indictments are not a problem.

Rank and fire Republicans are putting Trump back behind the wheel to drive the Republican Party off of the cliff in 2024.

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