Biden warns House Republicans on FEMA funding

Biden Warns House Republicans On FEMA Funding

President Biden warned House Republicans that he would make sure that the American people know who is to blame if FEMA runs out of money.

Biden was asked if he could guarantee that FEMA would not run out of money if the government shut down, and he answered, ” The answer is if I can’t do that, I’m going to point out why. How can we not respond? My God. How can we not respond to these needs? And so I’m confident, even though there’s a lot of talk from some of our friends up on the Hill about the cost, we got to do it. This is the United States of America.”


Mitch McConnell expressed interest in passing a continuing resolution that would fund the government into December. The problem is that there is a group of House Republicans who appear to want a government shutdown and don’t care about disaster relief or FEMA. Kevin McCarthy is more interested in launching a Biden impeachment investigation than he is in doing his job and funding the government.

Republicans are always shutting down the government, and it never ends well for them. FEMA will be out of funding at some point in September. If House Republicans shut down the government during hurricane season, President Biden will use the bully pulpit to hammer them.


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