Kevin McCarthy talks about the debt limit bill.

Kevin McCarthy Is Trying To Bribe House Republicans With Biden Impeachment

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is trying to avoid a government shutdown by bribing House Republicans with an offer of Biden impeachment.

President Biden is already warning McCarthy that if Republicans let government funding lapse, the President let everyone in the country know who is responsible. Senate Republicans support a continuing resolution that would fund the government through some point in December. The problem is that there is a group of House Republicans who are opposed to any temporary funding bill and another group of House Republicans who are demanding Biden’s impeachment.

The New York Times reported, “Facing the prospect of a politically damaging government shutdown within weeks, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is offering a new argument to conservatives reluctant to vote to keep funding flowing: A shutdown would make it more difficult for Republicans to pursue an impeachment inquiry against President Biden, or to push forward with investigations of him and his family that could yield evidence for one.”

Democrats aren’t going to side with Kevin McCarthy just to keep the government open. The Democrats will have demands, which could cause Republicans not to support the funding resolution.

The spectacle that is Kevin  McCarthy’s speakership grows more pathetic by the day. McCarthy is essentially trying to bribe his caucus to keep the government open with the carrot of a Biden impeachment investigation. The Republican House majority is dysfunctional and can’t complete basic governing tasks.

McCarthy is trying to trade impeachment for a government shutdown.

It won’t work, and the American people will suffer if Republicans can’t keep the government open.


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