President Joe Biden arrives in Israel.

White House: Biden is Busy Working While House Republicans Fight Among Themselves

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates pointed out that while President Biden has been working to advance bipartisan legislation and protect our national security, Republicans are busy fighting with one another as the nation hits the 17th day without a speaker in the U.S. House.

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“While Joe Biden fights to advance bipartisan legislation that will protect our national security interests – including in Israel and Ukraine – provide humanitarian assistance for innocent civilians in Gaza, deliver critical border funding, compete with China, and grow our economy, House Republicans are somehow still fighting with each other,” White House spokesperson Andrew Bates said in a statement sent to PoliticusUSA.

“House Republicans need to end their chaotic infighting and their competitions to out-extreme one another, and instead join President Biden in working on urgent priorities for American families shared by both parties in Congress.”

President Joe Biden just returned from a war zone and hours later, gave his second only Oval Office address to the nation, during which he spoke passionately about the need to help Ukraine, Israel, civilians in Gaza, and protect our own borders. Meanwhile, House Republicans still can’t elect a speaker, they’ve broken out in near brawls and people who align with insurrectionist Jim Jordan are issuing death threats and harassing the wives of Republicans who aren’t voting for the Ohio Republican, which Rep. Scott Perry thinks is no big deal (probably because he was part of the attempted coup against U.S. voters).

The White House must be more than exasperated with the clown show, since these same people are responsible for approving aid to countries in need and have been refusing to give him the border funding we need, while spending their free time on Fox News hollering about… the border.

While some might find the show amusing, for anyone who cares about this country and is even vaguely interested in living in a democracy, the House circus show manned by an insurrectionist in one corner and “David Duke without the baggage” in the other is beyond troubling.

The American people deserve a functioning government, and were it not for gerrymandering, they might well have one right now. But thanks to massive corruption of the political process that amplifies extremism, the House is a mess when Republicans get the majority and it has been for at least 13 years.

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