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Trump And His Kids Are Under Advanced Monitoring After $40 Million In Undisclosed Transfers

Last updated on December 1st, 2023 at 11:36 am

Trump and his adult kids were placed under advanced monitoring in his civil fraud trial after they didn’t disclose $40 million in transfers.

The Messenger reported:

Former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants in his civil fraud trial are under “enhanced monitoring” after failing to disclose three transfers of cash adding up to roughly $40 million, a letter made public on Wednesday reveals.

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Those unreported transfers included $29 million to the former president for tax payments, insurance premiums, and a $5.5 million cash payment in lieu of a bond allowing Trump to appeal the E. Jean Carroll sexual assault judgment, according to the filing.

Trump has been moving money around and not reporting it to the court. What is most devastating is that Trump is using company money to make tax payments and to fund his appeal of the verdict in the E. Jean Carroll lawsuit. Trump and his kids aren’t supposed to be doing any of this.

The fact that Trump is tapping into the business funds suggests that the reports about Trump’s shaky personal finances are true.

The reason why the civil penalties in the Trump civil lawsuit are so critical is because the former president and his business finances are intertwined. If the state of New York shuts the Trump Organization down and seizes the company’s assets, it could have a devastating impact on the finances of Donald Trump and his family.

The court is on to Trump, and it looks an awful lot like he is using company money because it could be his only source of funds.


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