Hunter Biden shows up at House Oversight Committee hearing to testify.

Hunter Biden Humiliates House Republicans By Unexpectedly Showing Up To Testify

Hunter Biden unexpectedly showed up at a House Oversight Committee hearing to mark up contempt charges against him, and Republicans refused to allow him to testify.

Video of Hunter Biden arriving:

Biden didn’t take questions as he walked into the hearing room.

Once he got into the hearing, he took a seat, and sat there offering to be called to testify.

Rep. Jared Moskowitz put Republicans on the hot seat by holding a vote on who wanted Hunter Biden to testify in public today.

Moskowitz said:

So I’m listening to the gentlelady from South Carolina about the witness being afraid to come in front of the committee. Interesting. He’s here. Doesn’t seem to be too afraid. In fact, for some reason, the chairman who on multiple occasions invited the witness to come on TV, apparently the chairman wants to pretend like his statements on television or in interviews don’t matter.

But it didn’t happen once. It didn’t happen twice. It happened multiple times, the chairman said the witness can choose whether to come to a deposition or to a public hearing in front of the committee. The witness accepted the chairman’s invitation. It just so happens the witness is here.

If the committee wants to hear from the witness and the chairman gave the witness that option, then the only folks that are afraid to hear from the witness with the American people watching are my friends on the other side of the aisle. I don’t know if there’s a proper motion, Mr. Chairman, but I’ll make a motion. Let’s vote. Let’s take a vote. Who wants to hear from Hunter right now today? Anyone? Come on. Who wants to hear from Hunter? No one. So — I’m a visual learner. And the visual is clear. Nobody over there wants to hear from the witness — oh, one, thank you.


The whole spectacle is devastating for House Republicans who claimed that Hunter Biden is afraid to show up and testify, while Hunter Biden is sitting in the gallery in front of them willing to testify. Hunter Biden continues to show that he is attempting to comply with the subpoena, but House Republicans continue to refuse to accept his testimony.

All of this will make for an outstanding defense, if a contempt resolution does pass the House.

James Comer’s Biden impeachment investigation has been an embarrassing failure, as he keeps getting owned by Hunter Biden.

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