Trump has a meltdown outside New York courtroom.

Trump May Doom Himself Against Biden By Drawing All The Wrong Conclusions From Iowa

Last updated on January 17th, 2024 at 07:26 pm

The Trump campaign believes that their strategy of avoiding debates and keeping their candidate as a defendant in court is working, and that is why they are winning the GOP primary.

CNN reported:

 This is really a campaign tactic. It is also something Donald Trump is interested in. He enjoys going to legal cases, and he enjoys painting himself as a victim and says this is all political persecution and election interference. You should know that they believe this is working. Last week, he was in and out of courtrooms, voluntarily, in between events right ahead of the Iowa caucus, and then he won the Iowa caucus in a landslide. He has not participated in any debates but, yet he still won the Iowa caucus in a landslide. They believe the strategy, unconventional, is working for Donald Trump and it will continue to work.

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The entrance polling data from Iowa voters suggests that the Trump campaign is drawing the wrong conclusion. The entrance polling showed that over 60% of Republican Iowa caucusgoers don’t care about Trump’s legal problems. Trump’s constant complaining and playing the victim isn’t motivating his voters. His supporters are ignoring it.

The Trump campaign also appears to have confused the Republican primary with the general election. What plays well with MAGA is not going to do well with the general electorate. This has been a consistently proven outcome in elections for the past six years.

If this is strategy that Trump goes with in the fall, it could doom him against President Biden.

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