Some Republicans Are Already Saying Trump Will Cost Them Congress

Trump’s bad New Hampshire primary performance has some Republicans thinking they will lose the House and not win the Senate in 2024.

CNN reported:

Republicans now fear that Trump would put off those types of independent voters who will be essential to winning battleground House and Senate seats – and that could cost them control of Congress.

“Yes,” one swing-district House Republican said when asked if he believes Trump will cost their party the House.

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“Twenty percent of GOP voters will not vote for him,” the Republican member said. Independent voters think Biden is weak, but they hate Trump. And Dems — he motivates them to vote.”

The CNN article also featured pro-Trump endorsers like Sens. Graham, Vance, and Cornyn, who think the person who has cost them multiple congressional elections won’t do it again in 2024.

The Republican Party is in the same place that it has always been with Trump. Those who are willing to face reality understand that he is a loser. Others convinced themselves that he is their only path to power and a third group stays silent because they fear Trump and his supporters.

Republicans are a fractured party. Donald Trump is a divider, and his idea of healing the divisions in his party is to rule through threats and fear,

The odds are good that Trump will hurt the Republican Party in elections, but their refusal to tell him that his time is over means that the GOP may get what it deserves in 2024.

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