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Fox News Is Livid After Trump Is Named The Worst President

Fox News is not taking the news that Trump was named the worst president in US history well at all.

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Former Trump press secretary and current Fox News personality Kaleigh McEnany said:

A new ranking, and I’m going to add, in my view, a highly questionable ranking of presidents, is turning heads after Biden came in higher than both Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan in his wildest dreams. The survey was done by the Presidential Greatness Project, who claim to be the foremost organization of social science experts in presidential politics.

They may be the foremost example of the disconnect between ivory tower academia and real people. That aside, Abe Lincoln ranked first. Okay, fair. Then comes Obama at 7th, and Biden came in 14th, actually beating Ronald Reagan, who came in 16th. And Trump, dead last. Look, Lisa, where to begin? This is infuriating in so many ways.


Just to give you an idea of what real people think of Donald Trump, President Biden beat him by more than ten million votes, and Trump is also the only president in the history of polling not to have a single year of his presidency with an approval rating over 50%, so real people, the ones who actually voted him out of office don’t like Donald Trump.

All the real people who booed Trump at Sneaker Con also showed their disapproval over the weekend as well.

The rankings aren’t a matter of academia. The experts and a majority of the American people seem to agree that Donald Trump was a terrible president. Trump might be the worst president in American history.

Fox News has to try to discredit the rankings because if they are accurate, they suggest that Republicans could be in for a very long 2020 campaign if they continue to insist on running the least popular president in history who is also facing 91 criminal felony counts.

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